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Nextgen Create is a specialist digital and marketing agency set up to provide services to the Australian and NZ channel ecosystem. Nextgen Create is a joint venture business between Nextgen Distribution and Bang Australia. The combination of a leading Australian IT distribution business and digital marketing agency, brings together a unique set of skills, experience and intellectual property.

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What we do

The ANZ ICT channel and vendors that service this channel often have unique requirements that are not easily serviced by traditional marketing/ advertising agencies. Some of these requirements include incorporating MDF processes and requirements, quarterly timeframes, budget and resources restrictions as well as complete new customer, opted in list builds.

The Nextgen Create business has been established to accommodate these and many other marketing challenges facing the ANZ vendor and partner ecosystem. We provide a range of marketing services and pre-packaged campaigns that can be executed quickly with limited resources to a fixed budget.

What we do

How we do it

Nextgen Create combines experience, IP and proprietary technology to provide its focused marketing services. The team brings together agency and vendor experience and has built a bank of IP around channel marketing, MDF management, list acquisition and demand generation.

While this experience and IP is critical to Nextgen Creates capabilities the cornerstone of our service offering is Campaign[x] (Cx) a proprietary marketing tool.

Cx is a multi access marketing platform for real time campaign management and ROI reporting through a front end dashboard. On the backend we provide advanced marketing automation and analytics to constantly improve outcomes and help our customers embrace inbound marketing.

View the Campaign[x] here.

What we do

Who we do it for

Nextgen Create service three separate but intimately related customer segments. Vendors, resellers and distributors.

For Vendors we help manage MDF programs and work with resellers to drive end user demand. Nextgen Create provide an end to end MDF process and will incorporate vendor focus areas, messaging and marketing assets into both short term campaigns as well as longer term more strategic multi-channel marketing programs.

For Resellers we act as an interface with vendors and take all the heavy lifting out of planning executing, reporting and closing out MDF campaigns. When working with resellers we can simply help out with MDF admin or we can manage the whole campaign. We specialise is helping resellers acquire new target customer lists that opt into receiving communications from the reseller.

What we do

Why are we different

- Channel specific technology focused agency
- Provide a unique and proprietary campaign management and reporting platform
- Provide fixed scope and budget marketing services

What we do

Campaign[x] Portal

Campaign[x] is a campaign management tool that helps your marketing campaigns deliver healthy return on investment.

Campaign[x] works well for businesses and their channel partners who are running multiple sales lead generation, lead nurturing and branding campaigns, usually with limited budgets and short timeframes.

Campaign[x] Portal.

What we do